WORKS FAST! Make $4,410 A Week Online Using Simple WordPress Websites [Local SEO]

WORKS FAST! Make $4,410 A Week Online Using Simple WordPress Websites [Local SEO]

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In today’s amazing video, Ruan breaks down how to generate $500 – $1,500 per month per WordPress website you set up

Even if you’re a bad salesperson, business owner, or just a college drop out starting off



Evan Little says:

thanks a bunch for sharing this Ruan! do you guys use .us or .org domain extensions for your site? I'm finding that a lot of .com exact match domains have been taken

Jim Ng says:

Hi Ruan, for such a strategy do you buy a business plan for your "" WordPress webpage? How else do you remove the Footer credit? Also, do you have to use Google Search Console in order to rank the "" webpage?

Thanks for sharing Ruan!

wallyworldwf says:

Do you have a video where you cover what should be included on and about the location pages?

Ramiz Ejubovic says:

How much would you ask for 1 lead?

Kwik Web Services says:

Hi Ruan, have been watching your channel over the last few days and your content is very clear and informative, thank you!

In regards to rank and rent, rather than setting up separate individual websites with EMD's, how would it compare to simply rank and rent pages or blog posts from our own existing website by using sub-urls as the keywords instead?


1) our-domain/garage-door-repairs-nottingham

2) our-domain/best-gym-in-nottingham

21 Century Services says:

Ruan, any specific writers you recommend on iWriter? …Too much "spun" content there… most is crap.

saul garcia says:

What should we tell the people when we answer the phone? Since we won’t actually have a service to offer.

Jay Kyle says:

There is alot of competition within the Real Estate Industry-How can I develop a successful strategy within this niche, or can you, without boosting with Paid Advertising?


Great video. Would like to see a bit more in-depth tutorial about picking the right domain. Which is bad, which is great.

Michael Ellegard says:

Ooo the 144 backwards.

Mahedi Hasan says:

Ruan thanks a lot your cool video.I have some question about website monetization method.Because i am not local service provider expert but if i have a website and will rank on serp then how i earn from that.As a example if i have a website about driving school in Denver and rank on serp then how monetize it?Please if possible explain about this matter.Thanks Again 🙂

Sig Nora says:

you talk way too FAST!!!

Atown Garcia says:

Sup Ruan, is it possible to rank a website high without doing the GMB process? and where do you get your PBN'S?

Barry Moore says:

Hi Ruan, How Would you Go About Getting A GMB Listing For A town You Are In And Surrounding Towns?

RKF Search Results says:

So for getting reviews for the client, you get emails for existing clients and email them with link directly to Google reviews? Can do the same for Yelp I believe too though in my opinion not as powerful as link to Google reviews?

Ben Kabuya says:

Keep on doing the good job!!!!

Ben Kabuya says:

Great video Ruan. Really amazing!!!! I suggest u make another one with more details. U almost spend 7 min answering questions. These minuts would have been used for more details. Just make another Q& A video, separately from your tutorial video.

Francois Anthony Mar says:


punit bayad says:

Can we use different addresses in GMB for verifying and other for real location? Or the verification and official address need to be same?

punit bayad says:

That comment was autocorrected so the words were mispelled.
Btw, what to talk about on call? We can't say them directly that you can't get the service right now. So what can we tell them?

Patricha Alika says:

Yea Ruan, Please I would need you to help out with the schema markup tutorials. Please

Jason Duckworth says:

Another great video. Do you use virtual address for map listings?

Mohamed Yusuff says:

Hi Ruan, awesome content man.. Do you teach this model in detail in your course ??

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