TUTORIAL: How To Make $100 a Day with FREE SEO Traffic & A Shopify Store

TUTORIAL: How To Make $100 a Day with FREE SEO Traffic & A Shopify Store

Learn how to copy Shopify stores that make over $100 a day with FREE SEO traffic.
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►► How To Dropship From Aliexpress: https://youtu.be/2CWrd2gdTIs
►► How To Start A Side Hustle: https://youtu.be/ll8ZoL6mmIc
►► Create A Dropshipping Store: https://youtu.be/Fsq6ohxLQX4



Wholesale Ted says:

Free, free, FREE! Everybody loves FREE!

Grinsekatze De Cheshire says:

Can I use it for my Etsy shop?

lala EPIC says:

Would you use Google Keyword planner over Moz?

KD creations says:

I have started a dropshipping website based on woocommerce but my issue is i selected clothing as my niche. and i have decided to dropship to USA.my doubt now is that will chinese cloths attract customers in this branded era.i am currently adding products to the store.i would definitely want to know does this niche serve good for dropshipping.!?
please do reply

Hayden Wright says:

Hey Sarah! I have been researching dropshipping quiet a bit and am aiming to start it this weekend. However I have seen recently in reddit that shipping from Aliexpress has been taking about 34 days lately. Would you know why this may be or how we can get around this?

koori1234 says:

Sarah, nice video! Just a question, the google search results include Aliexpress link for the same item for much cheaper. Why would the customer choose your store over buy directly from Aliexpress?

Jeff Beeman Online says:

Don't forget Pinterest – It's a HUGE Buyers platform when building up your social media following! #happyselling 😉

Rafael Eliz says:

13:52 – Niche market / – Thank you for this, this is so helpful…

David H. says:

What is ECO?

Bonnke Arunga says:

I wish I could just shake your hands right now. I am 3 days old with my store and I've made my first sale from my $5 fb ad.

The Spiderguy says:

Hey Sarah, can you please make a video of like "High Traffic but NO Sales". Because i have this problem, i had like 1900 page views after my first 3 days of droppshipping but NO sales, 34 started checkouts but no one actually completes the order, please help. Its a german store http://www.zeezone.at would like some ideas to make it better


Amazon sells all the stuff I see in these shop drop websites so why would someone buy from an unknown website when they can buy from Amazon?


sarah you are so lovely you should be a famous television presenter x

Jun Yap says:

Hi Sarah, thanks for all your invaluable videos. If I have a question or two based on your profound knowledge on both Amazon FBA and Shopify, what would be the best route to do that? Thank you in advance for your time.

JrTalent says:

Even with my high expectations of your channel, you never fail to provide greater value to subscribers like us! Keep it up!

Mattia Fidente says:

Hi Sarah, I actually started to run ads for my store based on your dropship club course informations…
As I am advertising 3-4 items at the same time, using the free+shipping strategy and targeting the same audience, In order to avoid what's called "audience overlap" I am joining all ads under one ad set instead of creating 3-4 different ad sets as facebook itself recommends…
Is that fine in your opinion?
Greetings and compliments for your amazing contents!

Vod Vandorin says:

Your video content is awesome and you are even more awesome.

Vod Vandorin says:

You are supa lovely.

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