The Hard Truth About Passive Income | Is It Still Possible To Make Money With Blogging?

The Hard Truth About Passive Income | Is It Still Possible To Make Money With Blogging?

The Hard Truth About Passive Income | Is It Still Possible To Make Money With Blogging? // Do you see those videos and ads of people on YouTube and Facebook showing you how they’re on the beach, or on the mountains, or in their fancy house, being like, look at all this money I’m making without working hard. The question is, is that even possible?

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You can’t just make money really easily like you could back in the old days, in which you just started a blog, you got traffic, and then, boom!

You got rankings, you push some affiliate offers, and you can just sit back, cash your checks, and call it a day.

Nowadays, there are a few things that are going to hurt you, and let’s go over them.

The first thing that’s going to hurt you is there are over a billion blogs.

If there are over a billion blogs, and there are roughly 7,000,000,000 people, that’s roughly one blog for every seven people. Do you think we need that many blogs in this world? No.

The second thing that you need to know is, ads keep going up, year over year.

So if you’re making your passive income by just running Google ads or Facebook ads, driving traffic to a landing page, and selling people on some affiliate offers, your own proctor service, it’s not going to keep working.

Because if you don’t keep fine tuning your funnel, optimizing your conversions, you’re not going do well in the long run, because other people are going to be able to compete.

They’re going to add an upsells, downsells, and just beat you, and the ads are going to get way too expensive for you, so that way you’re not going to be able to keep making that passive income without doing anything else.

The third thing that you need to know is luck.

If anyone thinks that you can just pop a business and miraculously make money, and they’re even pitching that, they’re lying.

They put in a lot of hours and time and energy to get there. They may not be showing it, because they want to pitch you on how easy it is to do what they’re doing, and they want you to give them $1,000 to teach you their same formula.

In other words, they did put in the time and effort, they’re just not showing you.

And if they’re getting a quick win without putting in much effort, that means they’re duping
you and giving you something that really isn’t going to provide much value.

In other words, anything worthwhile takes time. The fourth thing that no one tells you is, you now got to deal with algorithms.

It no longer takes three months, or six months, to get to the top of Google. In many cases, it could take one, two years.

So that means you got to put in work, hard work, for a few years before you’re milking enough money somewhat passively.

Because as you know, if you don’t update it, you’re not going to do well either.

Things like Facebook. They keep making their algorithms harder and harder and restricting their reach, and it’s not just Facebook.

Whether it’s LinkedIn, whether it’s Instagram, they’re all doing that.

They’re going to work against you. So you got to keep adapting.

And to keep adapting and staying on top of your game that means you need to read more, that means you got to experiment more, you got to learn more.

And if you stop doing that, you think you’re going to keep getting the results?

Of course not.

It’s just a question of when things are going to die down. So if you think passive income is still possible, not really.

You got to put in work. Everyone’s like, yeah, passive income is the dream. Well, most people I know have passive income from things like real estate.

They made a lot of money from doing their core business or working 40, 30 years in the corporate world.

They took that money, and they invested it. And sure, it may be passive now, but you got to put in that hard work to get that truly passive income, which is typically going to happen from investments.

If you expect passive income just from your website, it’s not going to happen, because, over time, someone’s going to outrank you, beat you on the social web, boost their conversion rate, outspend you, whatever it may be.

Eventually, your competition will crush you if you stop putting in the time and effort.

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Neil Patel says:

Do you think it's possible to make income without doing any work? If you do, leave a comment below with “yes”. If you do, leave a comment below with “no”.

Deepanshu garg says:

A must needed video for millenials.

Bart Jan Teunisse says:

No ofcourse you can't make money online without putting in any work. I don't think that was ever the case. You still had to invest time, money and/or effort in building a site, writing articles, filming Youtube video's, creating ad campaigns etc, etc.

What makes the Passive Income lifestyle attractive for me is not so much doing nothing, but investing work and time in products and services which interest me personally. And also not working in an office with bad airconditioning, dealing with gossiping coworkers and mediocre management.

Marc Guillaume says:

No exchange of value = cash flow

Giobel Koi Center says:

no, my previous employers keep on buying expensive passive income course but none of them work he he

SCREW92 5:30 says:

You said the truth

Trân Bảo says:

Video is helpful. Thanks. Lạc Việt Audio cung cấp các loại micro không dây chất lượng cao

FlipFlop Weekend says:

Really appreciate this honesty! My blog is doing better than I imagined it could when I started, but I know I need to keep working, keep trying new things and figure out how to turn it into an actual brand and business. Thanks for all of the helpful information!

Priya Florence Shah says:

Superb advice, Neil! Few "gurus" are willing to admit how much hard work they put into their business.

MakeMoney OnPassive says:

Yes, depends now on if you are using A. I. TECHNOLOGY or not,
Check out MakeMoneyOnPassive. Com for more information

Erik Mignolet says:

Yes, apparently you don't know yet !

Always Morphing says:

Bhai jaan, what do you think about dropshipping in 2019? Aek acha sa idea day do nah bhai jaan?

Stefania says:

Yes, it is possible, but it takes time, effort/hard work, some money to start, lots of studying and research beforehand and lots of patience!

Colin Finkle says:

Beautifully honest take.

Erick Moises Racancoj Amperez says:

No. You will always need to come back and tweak your existent product, sites, content, etc. Things and trends tend to change so rapidly so I don’t think once is done is done forever

elearning4 umore says:

nice Video

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