SEO Silos Made Easy – The #1 SEO Technique To Rank For Difficult Keywords Fast… Silo Your Content!

SEO Silos Made Easy – The #1 SEO Technique To Rank For Difficult Keywords Fast… Silo Your Content!

SEO Silos are the #1 ‘trick’ that pro SEOs use to force their way onto page 1 of Google… Learn how easy it is to build content silos in this video.

Don’t be intimidated by BIG keyword phrases with high difficulty score… Just break out the ‘big gun’ SEO technique used by the pros to dominate the search engine results.

In order to execute this strategy you need to be able to create excellent SEO content fast… This video shows you how:

When you ‘lay out’ each optimized piece of content on your wordpress blog, you do need to follow the best practices for search engine optimization… In my free Learn SEO Course you can learn all of htose steps:

The final piece of the puzzle is keyword research. All search optimization starts with finding the exact keyword phrases your audience is searching for and this video series shows you exactly how to do keyword research like a pro:



Streetzlegend says:

Great video man.
When starting your blog/videos, I am pondering on if one should start publishing 1 item at a time or if to wait till there are several posts before you publish? For example, my thinking is: how would people feel going to a blog or youtube with only 1 video. Would that draw them away for good. Would it be better to have several posts/videos to give the user more and therefore have them stay with you (sub/signup)?

Gaurab Das says:

In Practice , all the blog posts have a navigation/menu bar via which the posts link to all the categories ( in the menu)….[say categories refer to short tail keyword]

I mean all posts link to all categories ( mentioned in menu/navigation bar) which dilutes most concepts of silo..

are you talking of only contextual links embedded in the content body only ?

игорь касаткин says:

Hello from Russia ! Miles has a wonderful service add espresso make an overview ) please


Thank you very much for sharing 🙂

Nicole V says:

Miles, are we talking one silo to encompass all your blog posts, or multiple silos per site/topic?

Ralph Landero says:

Thank you for shedding some light on my question mate!

Scott McKown says:

Quick Question Miles: why only one link down to the substructured posts? If linking downward to more than one of my long tail posts, could that negatively impact the ranking of my top core post? Also, should I try to make sure that linkage downward is to one of my higher ranking long tail posts or does that not matter as much if they're all linked together in the substructure anyway? Did that make sense? Thanks for the great content you always provide! I love following you and learn so much!!! – Your Fellow Arizonian from Scottsdale

My Digital Marketing Journey says:

Thanks Miles! This is exactly what I need for the SEO I'm starting to do for a local client.

Deklen Trading says:

This is totally awesome, great explanation and helpful visualization. Your channel is exploding and it's because of this excellent content man. Great job!

Wytseha says:

How do you determine if a certain topic/keyword should be a subsection of your main article or a new article linking to your main article?

Sudarshan Kar says:

The best SEO Silo explanation I've seen or read so far. Thank you, this clears up so many things!

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