SEO Checklist 2019 — How to Get More Organic Traffic (Fast!)

SEO Checklist 2019 — How to Get More Organic Traffic (Fast!)

Today you’re going to get access to my complete SEO checklist for 2019.

This is the same checklist I’ve used to get over 300k monthly visitors from Google (mostly from SEO).

Here’s some of the stuff we’re going to cover in today’s video.

First, I’ll show you the 3 SEO tools that I consider (“must haves”). I personally use 15 SEO tools on a weekly basis. But these are the 3 most important.

Then, it’s all about keyword research. Here’s where you learn how to find keywords that your customers search for every day.

Third, I show you how to optimize your site using a handful of on-page SEO strategies.

Next up, we get into some basic technical SEO stuff just to make sure that Google can crawl and index all of your site’s pages.

Finally, I show you how to create content that’s primed to rank on the first page of Google. I also show you how to use white hat link building strategies to build links to that content.

And I wrap up my SEO checklist with a few advanced strategies.

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Awesome Kenya says:

@4:50 you mean you guys back there know short and sweet by Sauti Sol..hehe

ÖrnMalm says:

The thing is that Brian REALLY knows how to make a YouTube-video… Awesome, valuable content for the viewers, and the video is constantly "changing"; Brian talks in front of the camera, a chart pops up, a text pops up, and so on… This means that even though the video is almost 20min long, I don't skip a second of it. It is constantly bringing back my attention to the video. I would really like to start creating this type of instructional videos with the same layout that Brian uses, but I wonder if iMovie is enough for that. I wonder what equipment and software Brian is using in order to make his videos, I would really like to see a video about that. Thumbs up if you too like to see a video about how Brian makes a video!

Gaurav says:

Wow Brian still exists.

just videos says:

updating my old content, that will take me a while cause i have over 200 post

Jason K. says:

Most of your website traffic appears to come from India. Nothing wrong with that, but maybe you should add that in your title: "How to get more Indian organic traffic fast"

Mysteries And Thoughts says:

Time to turn into a seo demigod

Mysteries And Thoughts says:

Time to turn into a seo demigod

Agnė Marcinkevičiūtė says:

Amazing! It was extremely useful, thanks a lot!

Mohammad Umair Ansari says:

Those Blue eyes make you "Night King of SEO"

Zhe HL says:

Hi Brian Dean
Finally, you upload a new video
I have been waiting for your new update

ChefGiovanni says:

Cool stuff here. I might cook you an amazing dinner some time.

9abor says:

Professional content that I’m grateful for.
Brian, could you help us to have better understanding about how SEO works in different language? So for example the fact I’m posting only in Hungarian language is there any anther differences rather then amount of Google data compared to English?
Thanks Brian.

zahid bashir says:

is it by accident your yoast fields were not green? hope so

Wahab Khan says:

I am very ThankFul to you For giving us These Important knowledge.
Our Great Mentor Brian Deen.

Dave's Top5ive says:

Some good to know facts!

Jasimuddin says:

Sir, suppose I want to rank a keyword 'x' that search volume suppose globally 1900, in USA 300 , actually search volume is low but if I search this 'x' keyword, high competitive site comes the first page on Google then will I be able to rank? Please sir inform me, those who my competitors how much their DA, PA , Back links stay their site, then should I try or not,?

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