Manipulating The YouTube Algorithm To Make $100 Per Day – Make Money Online 2019

Manipulating The YouTube Algorithm To Make $100 Per Day – Make Money Online 2019

In today’s video we’re manipulating the YouTube Algorithm to make $100 per day so if you want to make money online in 2019 using YouTube then you’ll learn the best SEO strategies your videos and how to make money without making any videos if you don’t want to.

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There’s 5 things you need to make this work and they’re all free.

Before I cover those let’s talk about the YouTube algorithm.

Hashes – YouTube has an autmated recognition software that effects the YouTube algorithm. Similar to the software that your phone uses for facial recognition. They zoom in on specific pixels on both your thumbnail and your video to perform a mathmatical function. Similar to the matrix with all those 1’s and 0’s they calculate it with their software and it gives a complicated number that’s called a hash.

They then compare hashes to other videos that have been uploaded to find matches.

That’s how YouTube groups your videos next to other similar videos on the related or recommended section

YouTube Creative Commons – You can upload other peoples content copyright free.

5 things you need To Make $100 Per Day On YouTube Without Making ANY Videos 2019

#1 – Profitable Niche
#2 – Creative Commons Video
#3 – Eye Catching Thumnail
#4 – Keyword optimized title
#5 – SEO Software To DOMINATE The Algorithm:

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Manipulating The YouTube Algorithm To Make $100 Per Day – Make Money Online 2019:



Rogers David says:

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Paul Goldberg says:

Could you please elaborate on what you mean when you say we should remaster the video? I'd love to implement what you're talking about in this video but I didn't understand what you mean when you talk about remastering the video once we download it to our computers and put it into some video editing software. Could you clarify what we need to actually do during the remastering step?

The Math Learning Center says:

I have been trying to make it online for quite a long time without really succeeding. You guys gave me hope that I can make it. Your content is so helpful and I have great hopes that by following your material I will finally make it. The 9-5 job is crushing my soul, I need to be the master over my time, destiny and life.

david villa says:

How to remastered The video?

Sai Kiran says:

Great video i am looking for seo softwares

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When I tried to hit subscribe it was giving error .. I tried 27 times from my phone then I went to an Internet cafe and subscribed .. It worked .. Now I will get all notification from you guys..strange..

suchith chandran says:

I will be grateful if I get that course.. It will help me to grow my sister's YouTube channel..we are from a small town in India …

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spotify fan and streaming boast

Exelsio Minecraft and more says:

i would use that course to learn how to build a youtube career playing my most favorite video games to enable me doing what i love every day all day

The ThriVe Factory says:

Loved this because of the value. Doing those few techniques I know will help people, like myself, who are creators and looking for ways not to just make profit through YouTube, but also ways to create in general. Defiantly has me interested in the rest of this channel, as well as the course.

laxmi kanth says:

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LOVE THIS VIDEO!! just what i needed 🙂

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Video prophet pro

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Just came across this channel and don't need to watch the video till the en before liking and subscribing.This is really a great content. Already created a channel through which i'll take advantage of this strategy.

Michael Danielson says:

Cool…But how do you monetize it?

Bluechecker says:

Great video as always! Youtube is the best organic traffic, no question about it. I'm starting my youtube channel soon.

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DJ Smoove K says:

Yeah im def trying to learn the right SEO strategy for my channel….Good Tips bro

Joe Rowlands says:

Ok so if we remaster a popular cc video and upload it, how does that make us any money? Surely we need to add a call to action and affiliate links to relevant products in the description, but you didn't mention any of those things. I therefore think that your five essential points do not cover all that is required. Seven would be more appropriate if you add a CTA and then an affiliate link, what do you think?

BadBoyD TV *No-BS Empowerment Channel* says:

This was top notch information about the algorithm I haven't heard anywhere else

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