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The original pharmacist says:

Hi Allison. Congrats on your success. Where would you say most of your traffic comes from ? Social media. Organic..etc.

Anush Parsadanyan says:

hi, I m yoga instoctor and I want to start my blog, I trying to understand how to start or how to find other bloggers

Kavit Lakdawala says:

Hello Allison,
My name's Kavit. I am from india. My interest is in writing and blogging. I hv started my blog but stil i a missing out on somthing which m nt able to clear it out..
Glad if u could help a newbie.
Would like to hear from u

Mukteshwar Tak says:

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HCBCP says:

hey everyone I have just started a travel blog. I would appreciate it if you would have a look at it at thank you

Naveen Ravi says:

Your voice is like a singer

gk saurabh kumar says:

Can you guide me online please
It's urgent

Hari Prakash says:

I have a question I planned to start a blog with photography and editing as a theme. What my question is you mentioned that you were writing on 6 different categories fo if i were to write in the above mentioned topic, will it be considered two category or one.
I think bothe photography and editinga re two sides of a same coin.

Cheshire Fox says:

lol "meanies" hahahah thank you for the info, you're awesome 😀

Sadique Mannan says:

Hey sister please reply. I need ur sugestion. I have a website name and i just need to know since its a new website how many post should i post on weekly basis
Plz reply..
And how would i sign for affliate link

Pam Joel says:

Thanks for your time and effort.. Learning from you, I have also started my own blog and its making some money already.. it's about SEO

Toby Remorse says:

I'm Trans, and your feminism is offensive. Why do you only address women and not men. You should address people equally, or change the title so we know you are only interested n helping women and not other genders.

Paulo Mendes says:

This is perfect! I'm starting my tech blog and this really helped. Thank you 🙂

Practice of the Practice says:

Thanks for the great points about how to make money blogging!

Ana Maclaurin says:

If noting has worked for you then you guys should try this site: GivenDaily. c om This is how most people are making their money today. Give it a try. “You cannot change anyone, but you can be the reason someone changes.”

listentoyourfootsteps says:

Really love how positive you are! It's not as easy as people think putting yourself out there.

pooja sharma says:

I made my blog at it is ok and profitable i mean if it is just and not WordPress or bluehost

solomon newmai says:

Suggest me a sites for blogging

Rachel Schrey says:

Thanks for this video Allison! It was super encouraging. I started my blog last year, and only recently am thinking of trying to make money from it. It's a bit scary right now, but I'm not going to let that stop me, and advice like yours is making me even more excited! Thank you! 🙂

David Asiedu says:

You explain this so beautifully! I started my blog two months ago ( and have been trying to convince my family that I can do this, and though they were reluctant and worried for me, that didn't stop me. And it's advice and results like yours that keep me going. I truly believe that blogging is one of the new types of self-employed careers that are flexible and fun to work with! And blogging is just so much fun and inspiring! I can't wait for your future as a blogger and see how your youtube channel excels 🙂

Allison Raymond says:

Ok, this is the most encouraging video I have ever seen on this topic. THANK YOU!

movies del says:

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Rachelle Longpré says:

Thank you <3

Lovely Liberal says:

This was really helpful! I cant wait for my blog ( to take off!!!

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