Local SEO Guide: How To Create Content For Service Based Businesses

Local SEO Guide: How To Create Content For Service Based Businesses

Have a small business and want to leverage search engine optimization to get more qualified leads? Learn more in todays video on how to create consistent content for your website that your users and visitors will love! Here is what is covered in today’s video:

– How to find new content ideas from your existing website
– How to find new content ideas from your existing phone calls
– How to track and measure your current keyword rankings
– Generating a website sitemap for your SEO planning and strategy

In the video we use a real website example from our agency, Painters in CT. Develomark has website assets on the internet that are used for testing purposes so we can make better recommendations for our clients. If you have enjoyed this post, we also recommend checking out our other posts on local SEO:




If you’re a local service based business looking to get more out of your digital marketing, contact Develomark today by calling in to 860.359.2251 or by sending us a message online.



24SevenMarketing says:

In a WordPress site should you be building new content is it better to be generating new pages … or should you be generating the content as new posts ?

Marisol Mena says:

Pls lend us the keyword template from your friends the dentist

A Nerd's World says:

Great video!

DJ Johnson says:

So stoked I found your channel, man! Thank you for being so informative and transparent without trying to sell something non stop. You rock, dude.

Ivor Fernandes says:

The content, video flow and knowledge on site maps and individual pages for keyword servicing is great information. Showing prospect the measurable value is really what sells. Great job on the video! Thinking Outside the Box! https://youtu.be/jXFoYAV5_-8

Gamerz says:

Ruan plz which themes are u using? Plz

Amol Tolbande says:

Hey Ruan,
Can you please create a video on how did u rank for this keywords. With bank link strategy & time took to rank this keywords.

Curtis Burns says:

Ok…Duda site?


As always brother excellent video , I'm rooting for you ! #chrispalmerseo

Robert Martin Lees says:

F ur coooool bro

Aaron Connolly says:

Ruan, can you create a video on your steps to get out of the sandbox once you create one of these local sites and your on-page content is all done?

Craig says:

Love your content man. I’ve watched at least half of your videos. It’s motivation to start my own YT channel for my business!

Juelz kid says:


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