How To Make Money With Adsense and Micro Niche Sites | Part 2

How To Make Money With Adsense and Micro Niche Sites | Part 2

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The next step in making money online with Adsense is to build a micro niche website. This is very simple and the one in this video took me 30 minutes to make.

First you will need some hosting and I’ve listed some below, you will need a theme and you will need some articles. The best thing to do here is make a simple Adsense website that’s quick and easy then do the on page SEO. Once this is done you are ready to rank this website in google to start making you a passive income.

In the next video I move onto building backlinks to the Adsense micro niche websites

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Алексей Вахрушев says:

Just go to the google search and type: WUMO SEO. It is the most reliable Seo agency. If they simpley can't rank your website or blog, they will offer you with100% money back refund. I just love WUMO SEO.

Caleb Neller says:

How exactly are you getting paid by the advertising company? Is it almost like an automated system that pays you per click of link?

Ruben Fernandez says:

Hey franklin which theme do we use for the mini niche sites?

RingDinger #HomeRun #FeltThatDownYaSpineDinYa?? says:

Is there a way to get ads relevant to the website?

venkat rayudu says:

what theme you are using

Deepak Rao says:

Great video series, Franklin. Had a question – could throw a bit more light on choosing the domain? Specifically, can this be done with a new domain and not an aged domain with some backlinks and authority? Also, how important is the actual domain name to this exercise – specifically does it matter if it is hyphenated or long?

Thanks in advance!

Peter Germanese says:

Good video
5:55 Project: Vagina lol

Josh Elliott says:

Hey Franklin,
You referenced an SEO program that went above and beyond what Yoast is doing in regards to keyword optimization….what is that program? Thanks Bro…'til next time


hey frank how many Adsense sites u have and how much u make every month with Adsense

Brittany Guess says:

When you hire someone to write your articles for you, do you just tell them to create 3 or 4 articles that are similar or focused around the same niche so you can interlink them?

Yehonatan L. says:

Hi Franklin! Thanks for the vid, but I wonder what is the "website auditing program" you're talking about at 4:20?

Besides, can you do a detailed video about the tools you use daily (your chrome extensions for example)?

Thanks a lot 🙂

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