How to Make Money Online Using Google in 2019? (3 stupidly SIMPLE WAYS!)

How to Make Money Online Using Google in 2019? (3 stupidly SIMPLE WAYS!)

In this video, I will explain you 3 “STUPIDLY SIMPLE WAYS” to make money using Google.
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Millions of people have been asking on Google and YouTube, “How to Make Money Online Using Google?”

Therefore, I decided to create this short video to explain you 3 ways how you can do it.

1.Learn How to Use Google AdSense And Monetize That Skill

The first way to make money on Google is to do Google Ads. In the other words, you will pay a small amount of money for Google when people see and click your website on top of their search results.

When people land on your website, you can sell and promote products to make money. The goal is obviously to earn more money for each website visitor than you pay for them.

Once you find “winning ads” that you are paying, for example, $1 and getting $2 back, you can scale it.
$1,000 in – $2,000 back
$10,000 in – $10,000 back

Once you have learned this skill, you can use it for monetizing your own websites or by providing Google Ads service for companies who will be willing to pay you for that.

You can also create an online course teaching that skill and earn tons of money by selling that course.

2.Learn How to Get Websites And Pages Ranked on Top of Google

Tons of people are searching on Google every day. Then they see the results for their searches and go usually to the websites that are showing up on top of Google.

However, there is obviously a tough competition for many keywords because many websites and businesses want their website to show up on top.

When you learn the skill how you can rank websites and pages on top of Google, you can make tons of money.

For example, I have a website and most of my website visitors come organically from Google. They search something on Google and my website shows up there. Then they click to come to my website. I promote some products on my website and when people go and buy them, I earn commissions.

Again, you can also use this skill for ranking your own or other people’s websites. We call this skill Google SEO (search engine optimization).

Google Ads and Google SEO are two very high-income skills. When you master either one of those, you will make tons of money.

I learned the skill of getting my websites ranked on Google by following the Wealthy Affiliate training.

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3.Search and Learn Skills through Google

The third and probably the most powerful way of making money on Google is simply learning skills through Google search.

Learn more about it by watching my video until the very end!

Would you like to start making money with my 1-on-1 guidance by following Simple steps that are PROVEN to work?

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I hope you have found this video helpful and valuable.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


Roope “Make Money Online as a Teenager” Kiuttu

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