How To Make Money On Poshmark YouTube Video Tutorial Create A SEO Optimized Listing – Side Hustle

How To Make Money On Poshmark YouTube Video Tutorial Create A SEO Optimized Listing – Side Hustle

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Today we are going to go over how you can make over $3,000 a month with one of the best side hustles for 2019, selling your clothes on Poshmark! Poshmark is an amazing online market place for men and women to list their new or used clothes for sale online publicly. Who doesn’t like the idea of cleaning out their closet and making room for that next shopping spree while they make money at home.

Downloading the Poshmark app and creating a Poshmark Boutique is one of the easiest and lucrative work from home jobs for moms, college students, the unemployed or anyone else looking for that part time side hustle with no upfront fees to get started. Unlike other sales channels Poshmark Sellers have no need to run ads or build a website, just create a Poshmark listing, share your content and let the online platform do the rest!

The first topic I am going to discuss is how to create a Poshmark listing to sell from your closet. But it’s not enough to just create a quick listing and hope to get a sale, your listings need to be SEO optimized so we will cover how to increase search results using SEO. We are also going to discuss the importance of picture quality and quantity. Once your listings are ready for exposure it’s important for you to become an active member of the Poshmark community “share, Share SHARE!!!” The more active you are the more sales you’ll make assuming you’re selling a good product. No amount of optimization can help sell a bad product, remember that. Designer brands have a tendency to make the most sales from what I have seen on the platform, so if you have those vintage designer items that you don’t use but can’t part with at a yard sale, this may be the perfect platform for you to unload those novelty items.

One of the best parts about being a Posher is that you can literally work from anywhere. With the Poshmark app you can down the application directly to your phone and start sharing anytime you’re bored or have a free minute! Why work from home when you can literally take your work anywhere whether you’re on vacation in the Bahamas or home for the holidays. Poshmark is the perfect side hustle for the stay at home moms and the everyday workers looking for that extra side hustle!
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