How to Make Money on Amazon – Step-by-Step Ranking, Optimization & Marketing Strategy 2018

How to Make Money on Amazon – Step-by-Step Ranking, Optimization & Marketing Strategy 2018

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Amazon did $60.5 billion in sales… in only 3 months! (Q4 2017).

You’re here to rank on Amazon get your piece of the $60.5 billion. Applying the content of this video can change your life.

We cover how to make money on Amazon in 3 stages (totally free Amazon FBA course):

STAGE 1: Page

Also called “Listing Optimization” and “Amazon SEO”. The content of your Amazon listing (includes title, bullets, description, photos, pricing, and category). Operates on the level of your individual product listings.

STAGE 2: Performance

“Account Optimization”. Operational actions you take on behalf of your Amazon Seller Central account to stay on Amazon’s good side (includes using Fulfilled by Amazon – FBA, inventory management, and getting reviews). Concerns your whole account (above the listing level).

STAGE 3: Push

Also called “Marketing”, or a product launch. Specific activities you do to make more money on Amazon, like selling discounted units, running Facebook ads, and Amazon PPC.

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James Thurber says:

Pat do you do copyright for listings?

karen walker says:

Thank you for all of this fantastic information!

karen walker says:

Pat, This video is great! So happy I found you and can't wait to utilize your product! 🙂

B Harv says:

I will watch this whole video in a few. Thanks!
You have a diamond in the ruff YouTube page.

B Harv says:

Was just searching through my subs for you.
Listing my private label tonight.
Took months to get ready.
May have some trouble listing variations. I have enough upc codes, just unsure how to list multiple.
I believe Ive done everything to get on 1st page in my product category. Like I said, it took months, tons of videos watched, notebooks written through etc. My listing will be amazing. Using every last peice of info you added on your Optimize video.

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