How to Make $20,000/mo Affiliate Marketing With AUTOMATED & DONE FOR YOU websites!

How to Make $20,000/mo Affiliate Marketing With AUTOMATED & DONE FOR YOU websites!

How I Make $1,000 a Day:

Today’s video is a new business strategy that I’ve been exploring in the past month and it’s a very interesting way to make money online from affiliate marketing with automated and done for you websites.

In this video, I’ll explain how these automated affiliate websites work and how you can use them to generate thousands of visitors and traffic daily, monetize that traffic and make money affiliate marketing.

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How I Make $1,000 a Day:

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Product Reviews By Scorpion Cat says:

What affiliate products would you promote on a news website?

Jamilah F. Pryce says:

Hi, my name is Jamilah. I watched this video, but I will admit, there were some things that I couldn't understand. What are the different ways that you can make money by people viewing your website? Do they secretly get charged or was my guess off?

Quad Condor says:

Sean even if you buy a site with some traffic, its obviously not going to be found organically, how will you maintain traffic coming in over time, this is what I dont understand, the automated stuff I get

Susrut Mishra says:

Subscribed!! Learned something new and interesting today. Thank you Sean.

Kieran Murnane says:

You didn’t explain why you used a news website? How does this make you money through affiliate marketing?

bharatincognito says:

hi bro iam bharat iliked your vedio ,nicesly explained …. you are which country ! and what are your earning sources . and average income.. love from india…

Johan Roode says:

Where the free workshop link?
Link in description going to paid course sales page.

What Advise says:

Hello Sean you said free bootcamp but it´s a paid course, how is that? Regards

Tom Caldwell says:

I like this strategy. I am going to check it out.

Guillermo Ruang says:

Good video Sean !!

Thelma Lindo says:

I'm interested , how to start to earn money

007thematrix007 says:

is it legal to put review blogs (*about diff. affiliate products) inside your automated news site?

Info Sys says:

Please let me know how do i do business with starter sites.
They say it has more than one duplicate sites…

Would Google not ban my site if it has duplicate contents,
my rank, would be zero, how do I get traffic?

Șerban says:

So you still gotta do work after you bought an automated website? Thats not automated then untill you make it.

Aca Janko says:

Is it legal to post content from other websites on your site?

Emanuele Corradino Angiletti says:

Instead of buying a website on flippa I guess could be better to build a new one (automated news) with wordpress and save some money to start? What do you think?


I have subscribed and want to be in touch

Chaziel Lim says:

Hi Sean very informative video! I would like to ask if this is applicable for people who are newbies little to no knowledge about coding when you buy a website.

Martin Sokol says:

Hey. Great vid, asked to join the FB mastermind group. Hopefully ill get in. Looking forward to it!

Martin M. says:

great video . does the automated plugin generate traffic and also generate its own content. are there plagiarism issues

marie marie says:

dont you have to pay for all upsell courses that reaches $30,000 before you even make a dime- they teach you course by course correct

TheGameCinema says:

great video man cheers..

Baris Yukseloglu says:


Andres Pinzon says:

Would I still earn some money if the site's DA is 18?

Cristo Productions says:

Are that news automatic when we buy that websites or we need to write the news for the website we buy?

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