How To Make $2,000 A Month Selling Leads Online To Local Business [2019]

How To Make $2,000 A Month Selling Leads Online To Local Business [2019]


Website mentioned on video:



Marissa Jones says:

So you create a replica of their actual website? They send you their branding materials ?

Gabriel Rodriguez says:

@Ruan, can you do a video explaining how you distribute the leads with the local businesses? How you keep track of who you sent it to. etc.?

Almost Home Real Estate Services says:

Great content as always! I'm learning a lot from your videos but I'm puzzled about one thing. If I already have an existing site, does it help to get EMD for my top 5 keywords and redirect them to my main site? I look forward to your insight.

Wil Smith says:

Hey do you create your own theme with HTML/CSS or do you use a theme that has already been designed?

John Cirelly says:

Are you clients mostly on a retainer based, or PPL?

Magounosso says:

Ya!!! Clickfunnels is for amateurs lol

7 Sigma Marketing says:

what chatbot are you using?

coupon user says:

So are you creating microsites for each location that you are targeting?

tomflann says:

Great video. What WP theme is that?

Pablo Sarti says:

Now the website would have to gain traction before you even sell the leads. If I would happen to make a nice website and try selling the service. I would probably produce no results. Now, I could sell the service and not charge them and once it does I can start to charge. How did you do this?

Bravo Advertisement says:

I always learn so many new things when I watch videos from this channel, Thanks!

Diego Martin says:

So, just to confirm, we can create a separate landing page than your clients' webpage(s)?

clive smith says:

ruan do you have a blueprint for building sites and seo would love to know thanks !

Bhalesh Patel says:

A site that fast can't be WordPress. A site with a separate version for mobile can't be WIX. A site with so many scripts can't be Squarespace. I'm curious what was used to build that site? Help with the tech side, Ruan.

Norwall Music says:

This video is hot!

Steve Berke says:

can you recommend a good yet cheap call tracking service?

cmf says:

Nice one. By the way, re: image sizes, you can use something like to resize a lot of images simultaneously. I use it for my real estate client.

Devan Velo says:

Thank you for making this

Oscar E. Ortiz says:

Thanks for the honest information Ruan. No one else is sharing these excellent tips! says:

I think that this is a far better business model than relying on YouTube or Facebook for revenue. Basically, you have more control.
Interesting about the van.
In the 1980's, I was a young salesman for yellow pages.
I used a Polaroid camera that produced instant B/W prints to take shots of a clients van on the way in.
I'd use the van in his ad to create social proof I suppose and the client always liked to see the van in the ads, particularly if it was a new one.

24SevenMarketing says:

Very interesting business model. I totally agree with you about the importance of speed.

When I started reading that even a 3 to 4 second load speed could cause 40% of your traffic to bounce even before they see your page I started on a quest to build a business focused on optimizing BOTH the file server (hardware AND software) to serve up pages as fast as possible … AND optimizing the web pages like you discussed (and much more). Yiur low bounce rear confirms for me that all this hard work has not been wasted. In fact I think if you look at your load speed and compare your bounce rate to the average bounce rates for similarly designed websites I think you'll see that your low bounce rate can be accounted for by just the improvement is speed tou showed in the video.

Thanks again for the video. I will be moving forward with building out my home services showcase websites with far more confidence now.

I totally agree with you on the need for really solid content about the need for the home service niche you are promoting. What I question is if you need to build a site around a specific home services business or if you can build a successful website as a general home services website with different sections focusing on individual niches…without the section being about a specific home services provider.

What are your thoughts on this?

isuru kanchana says:

how much would u charge for this kind of web site?


Great video Ruan! Can you please make a video on Clint reporting as you have shown on this video or some kind of templet thanks in advance brother!!!

Vending Machine Masterpiece says:

Do you create that van on Canva?

Juelz kid says:

This is GOLD!!! says:

Great video Ruan. Do you build any generic sites on spec for a niche, or do you only build when a client signs up?

Greg Mock says:

Great no-nonsense video. Thank you!


Ruan , great video. There’s something to this lead generation business man, I’ve been so excited about starting my own business because i know there will always be a demand for leads for business. Could you make more videos based on different aspects of the business we should know about , thanks!

ken nganga says:

The detailed video would be great. Great content and straight up though

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