How To Make $1,000 A Month Online From Scratch [2018] – Make Money Online With PayPal Part 5

How To Make $1,000 A Month Online From Scratch [2018] – Make Money Online With PayPal Part 5

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How to make $1,000 a month online from scratch in 2018 – Make money online straight to your PayPal account. This is the 5th part of this process.

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If you’re new to the channel here is the breakdown and the game plan for this process. It all starts with business owners and there need to advertise. Every business lives off of paid advertising. Think about it, we need new customers to grow our business correct? That’s the whole premise of business.

But advertising is actually very expensive, business owners spend thousands of dollars every single day on advertising services like

– Google PPC
– Facebook Advertising
– Local print
– Billboards

And many other types of paid advertising services. So what if we could give these services to business owners but instead of advertising, we would give them organic traffic from Google?

Traffic that they wouldn’t have to pay for. Traffic that people are searching for that solves a problem. A problem like a leaky faucet or a problem like a house that needs to be repainted.

You see when people have a problem they generally look to Google to fix their problem. So with this concept how can you get all of that organic searcher traffic?

Well it starts with ranking #1 in Google

To start you need to rank a website #1 on Google as that listing typically gets 33% of all of the clicks.

So how can you go about doing this and more importantly, how can you make an extra $1,000 per month with this? Well the concept is actually very simple, what you do is that you purchase an EMD (exact match domain) for the service you want to rank for

Then what you do is some simple SEO and get that site ranked #1 on Google. Once you’ve done this process, simply tell a business owner in your area that you’re getting tons of inquiries organically

This allows them to quickly ditch advertising methods that simply just do not work.

Or even better – you can consistently do this for multiple businesses in your area and make $1-$2K per month



Ruan M. Marinho says:

Hope everyone ejoyed this video. We talked about how important OFF PAGE OPTIMIZATION is. Before we continue, please ask your questions down below in the comments section:

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Anthony Groeper says:

great video bro this was really well done!

Tech 'N' Toys says:

Hey! Can this method of earning $1000 per month work in India? Here businesses don't really depend on online presence because people try to find them offline rather than searching the internet. If not, can I get foriegn clients to work with me? Thanks.

Fredrik Sjödin says:

Hey Ruan, thx for answering my question from the last video in this series. And this Video Part 5 was really good as well. I'm glad you're doing these videos, helps a lot. Keep em coming.

Mattr Visual says:

Damn bro, you're just pushing these out so quick !

Lance Bourgeois says:

Hey Brother
The video was really good.
Do you teach this to people
who want to open an agency.
I really would like to learn everything there's to know about it. Show us how to use this with affiliate marketing with click bank and max bounty products and credit cards companies and so on. Please. Lance

Slater: Documented says:

So Ruan, I have a question now. So what do you think would be more cost effective and reap faster results i.e. getting clients faster, this method, or just starting an SEO company itself? I'm a bit on the fence about this because since it does take awhile to rank a website on Google, would it be easier starting with basically nothing to start an SEO company, start ranking your company website, and at the same time look for potential clients or do it this way? I guess it would depend on which product or service is more marketable? Something already getting leads or something that has to be worked on overtime. Unless of course you're a beast at sales. Lol, I just don't know which would be more effective for my situation.

Denlyn Blake says:

Epic as usual. Can't wait til the next one

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