Fast Money Affiliate SEO

Fast Money Affiliate SEO

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Chris Estes says:

Clicked on the auto ranking SEO plugin link in the video and when i go to download it, takes me to page not found….. i realise that this is 4 years old. Is that no longer free or did something replace it? any help would be great thanks

Gilles Lanteigne says:

what program is your SEO pro pack called you are not showing it clearly we cannot see the complet name thanks.

Penny C says:

Hey Alex, is this SEO training still relevant for 2017? if not which other video do you recommend?

Lionel Charles says:

Has anyone here gone from 0 to $1000 per month from this strategy is this still relavent in 2017

Sophisticated Sketches says:

<33333 very much needed!

nadia M says:

Do you have to pay for the keyword search on Google? It's a different page I see, and no Keyword ideas either.

KICK-OFF _90 says:

they only pay 36 bucks anymore 🙂

Marcus Davvid says:

Great informative seo video definitely is enough to get started with

Hjq0023 says:

Alex, you are retarded with that British Accent

SMILES says:

hahhahahah this guy is awesome!1

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