Leading by example seems to be a lost practice that was used for centuries all through time from the very beginning of man.
We were taught to live and do things a certain way in order to achieve a certain outcome from our actions.
As time went on things started to get left out of our list of actions that directed us onward to our end goal of ever lasting life from and with our creator God and Jesus Christ.
Man started doing things on his own thinking and soon believing that he was the ONE who was creating it all.
Never giving an ounce of credit to or thanking his creator for the insight and strength to accomplish his feats.
In our world today we are witnessing how the forgotten and misplaced steps of our list have transformed mankind into what it is.
Greed has always been a real problem, but now more than ever.
We can’t let greed take over our actions to do what we know is the right thing to do.
We have to get back in the practice of “Leading By Example”

So I figured
that I would introduce you to a favorite person
of mine.

One of the most Admirable persons in my
lifetime is Dr. Ben Carson. So much so that
I want to share a video of him giving a most
remarkable speech at the National Prayer
Breakfast. Please watch and enjoy………

Ben Carson Prayer Breakfast