Buy Expired Domains: Private Blog Network SEO Tip

Buy Expired Domains: Private Blog Network SEO Tip

I show you how to buy expired domain names to create a powerful private blog network to use to increase the search engine rankings of your Deadbeat Affiliate Sites. This white-hat SEO technique can yield serious rankings for both money sites and youtube videos. Learn this tactic, and implement it now!

Throughout this video I reveal many white hat SEO techniques you can implement and get some serious search engine results pretty quickly…


-How to find and register expired domain names.

-How to do a backlink lookup to make sure your domain has some page rank and authority.

-How to use to confirm that the site was a functional website back in the day, and it is a recently expired domain.

-How to use your expired domain the right way by making it a part of your Private Blog Network. When you reconstruct the expired website, you can piggyback off the previous owner’s work and reap the search engine ranking power and use it to boost the rankings of your videos and blog posts!

If you have any affiliate sites at all, I highly recommend you build a small network of private blogs around each affiliate campaign to help build a moat around your money sites!



SoundArtsOnline says:

Don't you need permission from previous owner of domain to use their content?

Veggum says:

Awesome video as always! Thanks man!

top mastering says:

thanks mate, Anyone help ? question is – what's best to do first? Make Main money site and prepare content on that or start with these private blog network sites ?? Thanks for aswer

Q&A Troll says:

Hey Dan. What about a domain with 10k backlinks? Is that too much and likely some kind of spamming thing?

Адвокат Литвинов says:

Is it bed to use expired domains with blogger?

The Money League says:

I always though "pages" were ranked and not domains? What does buying a expired domain do for SEO? And even if a person did buy a expired domain and re-created a page from the domain that had a high ranking, wouldn't the ranking be different when the page is crawled again and new content is discovered? Just asking

Neil Milliner says:

You work pretty hard for a deadbeat. This is cool. If I made a website out of it do I get wiped and start fresh or do the links and stuff run on as per?

the7figuremaker says:

Great video. Next time put something on that fake money in the back ground to hold it down. We can all see that it only has print on the top. Lol.

Lee Coen says:

man! you sold me…wow!

Alt Portal says:

I am dreadfully sorry it is only possible to thumbs up this video once. great info!!! thank you!

Afroknight says:

Dude thanks a lot. You gave me so good info. I subscribed. I will definitely check out ur other vidz>

SEO Expert says:

deadbeat all of your viewers come to your channel for reply in the comments sumtyms and provide answers to the qstns if possible.

Louise Magson says:

Do you have to pay to host the domain? Can I not just link the domain to my site so I get diverted traffic? Apologies if this is a stupid question, complete newbie here!

Joe Ninety says:

I like you fella, but you are a bit too advanced for the newb. I want to know exactly what to look for, when i'm buying expired domains. Where to spot, what i'm looking for.

Free Expired Domain Search Engine says:

Build your own PBN is the most useful technique to rank your site today.
But keep in mind, you have to host your PBN in different hosting/Ip address for each PBN and make your domain whois private, so google can't track that they are your PBN site.

MB4LUNCH says:

That lounge lizard music is dope yo! 😉

schwarzweißgrau says:

No word on metrics checking (like majestic, ahrefs, etc.). Sorry, but this is totally useless shit….

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