BEWARE! Don't Sell SEO As A Digital Marketing Agency

BEWARE! Don't Sell SEO As A Digital Marketing Agency

One of the biggest mistakes that I have ever made was selling SEO services for low monthly retainers

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Because of this, I ended up getting a bunch of dissatisfied clients who eventually fired me for providing little to no results

This was a case of overpromising and not having the budget available to implement the proper SEO

But in reality, if you are selling to lower ticket clients, you may want to consider selling just a piece of the SEO service or create a product that entails certain pieces of SEO

The term “full-service SEO” generally comes with a higher price tag due to the intensity of developing a proper SEO campaign

What you need to do is productize your offering, add in a few pieces of the SEO and create a package around that

The most successful agencies know the work it takes to implement the right SEO, therefore, they create the small, medium, and large packages for their clients

It is impossible to sell full-service SEO for $1,000, trust me I have tried and have failed miserably.

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Christopher a says:

turn you mic around lol

Neil Z says:

where can i get a good idea about pricing for google ads?

Evolve Media Entertainments says:

Valuable advice

Project MyTeam says:

This is why we don't do just SEO we build the website because it obviously makes no sense to try and grow from someone else's work. If they knew what they were doing they wouldn't have hired us. LOL


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Carson AK says:

Pretty globe.

Robin Small says:

I like your fcking honesty and even your fcking spelling mistakes … your high quality content Backlinks to my bullshit detector as a valid link …

Eugene Celistan says:

Thanks for this. I saw this 2days before i met my first client and offer them something i couldn't deliver

Picasso says:

@Ruan why do you have to curse so much? You are not going to be more of a man because you can curse.

Joseph Jacob says:

Thanks for sharing the video about SEO and digital mraketing agency, this is very helpful to me, make sure i will implement this. Ffor more information visit:

new generation says:

Should i start an agency if there are a lot of competition?

Ilyas Olgun says:

Hey! Isit possible to do smma from home? Because I see some smm owners travelling the world and still doing it! Been looking for the answe for about 2 months now.❤️ love your vids

Cody Cross says:

Thanks for all the info!

Brandon Lukaszewski says:

$3k month????? Lmao you’re super low ticket dude. Your margins can’t possibly be there

Mark Roopchan says:

I just bought your course..

Tyler Mills says:

I got a quick question for you Ruan . So for your $1000/mo client running fb ads, is that client paying you $1000 to run the ads plus the adspend? Or does that $1000 include the adspend? And if so, how much of that $1000 are you spending on the ads/how much money are you taking in that isn't going directly to Facebook?. I've been advised to take a 20%-30% cut of the adspend as my fee. So if the client spends $1000 then $700-$800 of that is actually spent on the cpc and the remaining 200-300 goes to me. Any additional startup costs, photography, etc.. To make the ads would be added on top of the monthly retainer. What are your thoughts on that? And what is your process?

Tyler Mills says:

You smoked a joint before this video didn't you lol

Luc Louis says:

what's a good company to outsource seo to?

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